the nightmare of becoming a TN resident

I'm trying to become a TN resident. It's not as easy as it sounds.

1. Contact USPS and cancel my mail forwarding.
Back when I wasn't sure I'd be staying in Nashville during August, I signed up to have my mail forwarded back to Kansas. Now I need to tell USPS to stop forwarding mail because I need to be receiving things like car titles here in TN.
Goal: Call on Monday or walk in a post office and do it. Estimated time: 15 minutes.

2. Driver's license and voter's registration.
Here are the requirements for getting a new license:
- Current license
- Proof of U.S. citizenship (I don't have a passport and my birth certificate is in Kansas. Why isn't social security card on this list? Call and make sure it'll suffice.)
- Primary proof of identity (current license or birth certificate)
- Secondary proof of identity (health insurance card, SS card)
- Social Security number
- 2 proofs of TN residency
: (1) Auto insurance policy; renter's contract, utility bill, paycheck or paystub, current bank statement, motor vehicle registration, W-2 form)

Here's the problem -- my proof of residency. I do have an auto insurance policy with my Madison address on it, but...
-I do not have a renter's contract.
-I do not pay utilities.
-My paychecks are direct deposited and my paystubs have my Kansas address on them.
-My bank is in Kansas.
-I have not registered my vehicle (#4); I must have a license first.
-W-2's don't get sent out until January.
Oh, and my address will change in one month so even though I can simply notify them of this, my license will be wrong until it expires or I pay to get a new one.
Goal: Call on Monday about SS card in place of birth certificate. Ask about residency. If necessary, choose option B: "letter from employer verifying address." Then, wait for birth certificate in mail from Kansas or employer letter. Get in there by Friday, August 14.

3. Emissions test.
Cost: $9, cash. I have to take my car in and get a certificate that says it's not a pollution machine so I can get a registration and title.
Goal: Do this Monday or Tuesday. Doesn't seem like I need any paperwork for this.

4. Car title and registration.
Bring: $90 for fees, copy of driver's license (see #2), current car title and registration, passed emissions certificate.
Goal: Complete by August 21.

Up next on my plate:
*Tonight/tomorrow: edit October BTX
*Tomorrow: church, Shoffner visits
*Save money like a mad person.
*ASAP: Contact a banker to be pre-approved for a mortgage loan. (Goal: Call Monday.)
*August 16: Start working full-time.
*See if I can get a refund for my current health insurance that I paid for all of August.
*September 1: Move to townhouse in Antioch.
*House searching with my realtor.
*December 1: deadline for closing on a house. (Goal: November 20.)

Whew. Why don't I feel like I'm just 21?


  1. Getting a driver's license in TN is a lot like where the devil lives! I had to go 4 times before getting all of the right information together. They are pretty inflexible unless you are an illegal alien.

  2. Missouri isn't any different. The fact of the matter is, they only tell you what you are missing one item at a time, forcing you to come back multiple times. The DMV is one of the most horrible places on the planet...if only Adam had not eaten the apple!


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