progress report.

I made it to work by 6:30 this morning! Quite a change from my intern time of 8am. This meant taking a shower the night before and getting up an hour earlier than normal. I was definitely dragging by 2pm. Since Shoff and Amanda stayed over last night (friends from college, it was great to see them) I didn't go to bed until 11pm... a big change from my normal 8:30 or 9pm. I threw some laundry in, ate some chips and salsa, and am thinking it is time for a nap.

Made a little progress on my TN residency. I went to the post office today and un-forwarded my mail. It was pretty easy but confusing. The form said:
New address: ___________

Old address: ___________

And it took me explaining the situation and the guy making it clear that I needed my current address to go in both blanks. I wouldn't have figured that out myself.

Then I drove down to the auto inspection place and got my car tested. It passed, which means my '97 Ford Taurus with its 133,955 miles is not a pollutionmobile. It costs me $9, but I'm one step closer to being able to get a title and registration.

I had to get out of my car and sit in this little waiting room during the inspection and when the guy came to tell me he was done, he opened the door and said, "Are all the girls in Kansas as pretty as you?"

"Uh...um...I don't know about that." Thanks, dude, for making me feel sufficiently awkward. You're probably old enough to have fathered me.

I also got a lady in HR to write a letter on LifeWay letterhead that said "Alyssa works at LifeWay in Nashville" (or something like that) because I needed a letter to verify my residency and LifeWay said they don't write letters like that. Hopefully this will suffice in addition to my auto insurance policy, my Social Security card, current driver's license, birth certificate, photo work ID, grade school behavior reports, a list of what I've eaten for lunch over the last two weeks, and 1,500-word essay on how I plan to contribute to social justice in Nashville and surrounding communities.

Not bad for a Monday. I think I'll go move my laundry to the dryer, grab a book and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and put up no resistance if sleep tries to overcome me.



  1. I'm still laughing!

  2. me too. because my name is sleep, and i'm stuck in traffic, but on my way!


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