This post requires focus to get through. It's long and is about lots of random, unimportant stuff.

This morning I went to Andrea's classroom to help her out; I wasn't very productive because I only had two projects: making a handout and making 24 labels for stations. I made the handout first, using fancy flowchart pieces in Word -- the kids color in each square when they finish that station. I even added icons to match the icons I designed on the turn-your-work-in-here baskets. I spent way too long on it, and since the Internet was down, didn't finish the labels (I wanted to add clipart). Andrea took me out for a day-after-my-birthday lunch. We went to Panera and I got black bean soup and a whole grain baguette. Yum.

I scanned all my tax documents and sent them to my dad and my sister. Dad got to them first, and sent me a filled out form. I'll be getting a nice refund. I think I'm going to be itemizing next year because I'll be able to meet my standard deduction for being single. I also got a letter from the IRS today saying that in 4-6 weeks, I should be receiving my housewarming gift from Uncle Sam (have you seen that commercial?)! I'm excited; it's all going toward my mortgage, but I think I might spend the interest on myself.

Miles has been a little stinker today. He woke me up at 4:30 a.m. (again). If he's in my room, he walks all over me and knocks stuff of my nightstand. If I kick him out and shut the door, he stands there and meows his head off. So sleep is basically impossible. I didn't get up until 7. Just before getting up, I'm laying in bed and all of a sudden I hear this noise. It's loud, and I realize there is definitely something moving around in my attic. Ho-ly Cow. There is no way I'm dealing with that one. That's totally a guy's job. There had been a nest up there when they did the inspection and you could see daylight, but they removed the nest and supposedly blocked up the hole. So maybe something made a new hole. Maybe a squirrel (Margaret feeds them, so they are everywhere). Whatever it is, I hope it vacates or dies before I get back up there in the spring to clean the junk the previous owner left. Sheesh.

Every time I open the refrigerator door, Miles jumps in. Even if I'm pulling out some wet cat food for him. So tonight I'm trying to grab the cat food and hold it in front of his face before he jumps in so he realizes he's getting food and he jumps in anyway and I'm holding it down yelling, "Miles! Food! Focus! Focus, Miles!" Um, yeah. It's kind of ridiculous. I could probably film a reality show that documents the conversations I have with my cat. My coworkers can't imagine me yelling at him, but I do! He's cute but he frustrates me when he jumps up on things.

My engaged friend Anne is going to be in town on Tuesday to interview for a job at Belmont, so that's really awesome that I'll get to see her. What would be even more awesome is if she got the job and moved to Nashville! Wishful thinking. :)


  1. Good thing you sent you taxes to your sister!
    We started using your spray waterbottle trick with Grey-Grey and he hasn't jumped up on our bed in a month.

  2. Actually I was looking for the cat last night to put him outside before I went to bed and I ended up finding him curled up against sleeping Erica's legs in the bed.

  3. What you talkin' about, Erica???? :)

  4. haha, she's talkin' about how she's filing them for me online.


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