the refund I won't receive.

My sister (the CPA) was wonderful and filed my taxes this year. Fortunately I don't have to file in Tennessee, because there is no income tax here. Unfortunately, I still had to file in Kansas because I was a Kansas resident during my internship. And, obviously, the federal return.

Over two months as an intern, I didn't make anything significant, so I'm expecting a refund from Kansas. Erica filled out the online return and I ended up owing $48. LifeWay had already taken out $51 from my paycheck for Kansas tax, so my refund is a whoppin' $3.

Well, I'm feeling optimistic. $3 is better than nothing. I can buy myself a chai latte at Starbucks or something. Then Erica sees the note:

Overpayment of less than $5 will not be refunded.
You have the option of donating the payment to one of the following charities ...

So my $3 is now going to Senior Citizens Meals on Wheels.

Yeah, you can laugh. Thanks, Kansas, for giving me another reason not to miss you! Well, I'm glad it went to a good cause. And I'm also glad because I'll be meeting my standard deduction and thus itemizing for 2010, so I can count this as part of my charitable giving. :) Win-win.


  1. Lol. I agree Alyssa! ( no income tax in Florida either) yay for charitable donations and states with no income tax!

    I love love love keeping your cute little blurbs!

    Hope everything is going well in Nashville... I saw the pics of your new house awhile back.. Soooo cute! Keep 'em coming crazy girl!!

    Sarah in Florida ( it won't let me sign in and post anything on my phone.. So I had to put anonymous.. Boo)

    Sarah in Florida. :-)

  2. Alyssa, I'll be getting my (greater than $5) refund from Kansas. Normally, I turn around and use that money to pay what I owe Missouri, but, if it makes you feel better, I could set $3 of it back to buy you a latte next time I'm in Nashville. It'd be my pleasure. :)
    Wish I was as aware of my finances at your point in life.
    --Mark Browning (toiling in Kansas but residing in Missouri)

  3. I should have claimed you. I would have saved $1,500 and would have gladly shared some with you!

  4. I'll take you up on that, Mark! Chai lattes are my favorite. ;)

  5. haha, sorry Mom! I'm independent now! :)


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