We're 22 today!

Picture: Don't wake me up at 4:30 a.m. … unless you're super cute. :]

Well, I know it's not over, but my birthday so far as been pretty good. Teresa surprised me with a gift because she felt bad that I have to celebrate my birthday so far away from family and friends. She's so thoughtful. :) Jeff and Bill moved a twin bed and boxsprings into my second bedroom, then for lunch we went out as a team. The calendar said, "Alyssa's Birthday. Location: Wherever Alyssa Wants!" You have to understand that I never eat out. So I've never been to most of the places in Nashville. But there's this place called Penn Station we've been to two or three times so I suggested we go there. (Because I knew I liked it; it was a safe choice.) 

Turns out "Wherever Alyssa Wants" isn't exactly accurate and Jeff and Cheryl vetoed my decision and suggested we went to Demos'. I'm glad they decided to go there; it's downtown so we walked (even though it was freezing!) and I enjoyed it. They brought me a free piece of cake with a candle and didn't embarrass me with a song. I shared my cake because I'm not a fan. The waiter also took a picture of our team (except for the boys who got cut out) and put it in a little paper Demos' frame for me to take with me.

I had a classic conversation with my friend Keira. It went like this:
"Happy Birthday, Lis! Are you having a party?"
"Thanks! And no ... lame."
"I'd come party with you if you had ice cream cake."
"Okay, great! I'll buy the cake. You drive to KC and get on a plane. You can be here in an hour and a half. But you have to buy your own plane ticket (I have a mortgage now, sorry!)"

If only. I think it'll be a pretty quiet evening. I have a phone date with my friend Jenn though, which I'm looking forward to. Anyway, here's to being 22. I'd say we've come a long way since the potty training days.


  1. Cute! I remember those days like they were yesterday.
    Love ya,

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALYSSA! I love the picture and remember those days well. What sweeties! Who knew the fun was just beginning?!!!

    Have a special day and a WONDERFUL year of being TWENTY-TWO!!!

    Luella and Family


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