Last Thursday I became eligible to donate blood (after a 56-day waiting period), so I scheduled an appointment online. Apparently the Red Cross people downtown don't see it when I make an appointment online, so they called me. I missed a couple of them, but they kept leaving voice messages asking me to come donate. I think I had three calls in one day. Relentless.

I had scheduled my appointment for tomorrow afternoon, but I was in the mood to donate today, so I went. My iron was good (13.1). I always donate with my right arm because my left arm kind of wimps out when it comes to providing a decent vein

So today they're trying to put the needle in. I always start feeling a little queasy just in anticipation, and I can never look until they've covered the needle with a gauze. Well now they have Dr. Oz playing on the TV so I'm trying to focus on that when they start bringing out all these gross things like maggots and leeches and weird looking animals. So here I am trying to not look at the blood coming from my arm but over here is this TV showing maggots and leeches. I told the nurse to hurry because I didn't want to look at blood or leeches!

This guy came in to donate who knew everyone on the staff and was real funny. He donates double (both arms at the same time) so he had made himself this long stick with squeeze balls on each end. One of the ends was a character head with spiky hair. He used it if he needed to scratch his face during donating because he hates asking a nurse to do it. Then I was done. Favorite part of donating is probably snacks afterward. :) I'm good to go until April 7.

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