sunday: sleep and chicken.

I've figured out why I haven't been sleeping well lately. 
It's because someone is curious and he can't do this quietly:

I thawed out a chicken breast last night and made homemade chicken breasts for lunch. Just cut it up then shake and bake. Really good and relatively inexpensive.
Today I used a piece of my tax refund and booked a flight to Philly. I have a former college roommate who has lived there for about two years and I haven't been out to see her yet. She came to Nashville this summer, and since I found a reasonably-priced roundtrip flight, I booked it. April 23-25. I'll take a 1/2 day that Friday to catch my 3:40 p.m. flight out of Nashville. I've never been to Philly, so it should be a fun weekend getaway. 

I signed up for Southwest Rapid Rewards, so if I take 8 roundtrip flights every 24 months, I earn a free trip! I added the flight I took last summer, so including Jenn's wedding in June, I'm up to 4 trips in this first year. Between seeing friends and flying home, I'm sure it'll be easy to get 4 more flights by June 30, 2011. 

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