open. --the dentist

Today I went back to the dentist to get my $198 fillings. (One cavity, one crack around an old filling.) It took forever (like an hour) but they let me pick the TV station and I picked ESPN. SportsCenter was on. The dentist said he was happy I like sports because most people pick something like The View and he wants to mute it.

Lots of novacaine until I can't feel anything and the left side of my face feels incredibly fat, though it is only slightly puffy. When I got in my car to head back to the office, I kicked it into reverse and ... nothing. Just spinning tires on the sheet of ice that was the untouched parking lot after a weekend of snow/melting/refreezing. Fortunately there were two guys outside with shovels trying to clear a path in the parking lot and one of them noticed my trouble and stood in front of my car and pushed it backward until I was free.

After a tiny bite, I gave up on eating my sandwich for lunch because I couldn't differentiate between my tongue and my sandwich. I ended up eating it slowly -- tearing it apart and pushing it to the right side of my mouth before drinking water and making it soggy enough to swallow with minimal chewing. It wasn't the best meal I've ever had. It's always awkward, being numb like that, because you naturally smile at things but then the left side of your mouth isn't working. I should have picked up a milkshake instead.
<--- Miles was super purry when I got home today so I gave in and picked him up. He decided to sit on me and take a bath. I didn't mind because he's so stinkin' cute.

I finished my mission trip application today and got it in the house mail with the non-refundable deposit. I need to go to CVS tomorrow for my passport photos ... I wish CVS stores were easier to find on my route home! I see Walgreens everywhere, but I have my coupon for CVS. Then I need to take my application to the post office with my birth certificate and driver's license to apply for my passport.

Schools are closed again tomorrow. Andrea called me tonight and I told her I was jealous of her and her 5-day weekend. The sun was out most of the day, so that helped clear some things up, but there's a lot of slush and ice and I can't park on the roof. I'm ready for spring.

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