Problem solved! Apparently I don't need RCA at all. RF Coxial cable goes straight to the TV from the converter box. I don't know enough about what each cable even does but my dad called me and straightened me out. (So JR, you're right.)

Here's my dilemma: troubleshooting a converter box hook up to a TV without RCA jacks.

Here is my proposed solution:

Necessary Extras
1) RF modulator, or VCR/DVD player
The RF Modulator is less expensive, but since the TV and coverter box were free, I could splurge on a DVD player (or find an inexpensive used one).

2) Coaxial splitter.
RCA makes these for a couple bucks, but all I could find where all-female plugs.

3) Two extra coaxial cords.
I think I may have found coaxial cords with all-male ends (which is what I need). Somebody look at the link and tell me if I'm seeing that incorrectly. These would be for hooking the TV to the splitter and the splitter to the RF modulator.

The fix would be less than $35 (if I get the modulator, not the DVD player).

I bought two floodlights because mine stopped working. I didn't really suspect the bulb, but I though maybe they died at the same time. But I put the new ones in and … nothing. My breakers are fine; I think there's a problem with the switch. Though when I went out to my car this morning, one of them turned on. Oh, and my trunk still leaks as well as my kitchen sink. I'll troubleshoot those on another day.
Rob and Melissa are supposed to be flying in tonight (though that's not 100% sure with this mid-Atlantic storm—they have a connection in NC) around 11:30 p.m. I told them to call me and wake me up because I'll for sure be asleep!

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  1. I can't exactly tell why you need the modulator. Can the coaxial cabe not go directly into the TV coming from the converter box? If you do decide to get a DVD player, I think you can just use the RCA cables to go from the converter box to the DVD player and then just use 1 coaxial cable to go from the DVD player to the TV. I don't think you would need the splitter/combiner or the coaxial cable coming from the converter box.


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