going up.

I've been walking the stairs since I started in August. The goal was to walk up once daily, but that didn't always happen, and some days I walked twice. I ride the elevator to the bottom (to save my knees) then I walk up to the 7th floor (8 flights of stairs, because they squeezed an extra floor between conference level and 2nd). Before we moved in October, it was 9 flights to the 8th floor.

Today I walked my 99th time. I'm trying to decide how to celebrate #100.
Perks of walking stairs:
  • It's a good break from sitting at my desk
  • Gets my heart rate up = happy heart
  • My legs are staying toned
  • Burning calories (really not much, but better than nothing)
  • Not using the elevator = saving LifeWay's money!
  • Fighting #1 danger of office workers: Fat Butt Disease (via "Safety Training" - The Office)
  • If I can get someone to go with me, social interaction

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