it's not a steady rain.

Good day at work today. Productive day. I fell asleep at 7 last night, so when I woke up, 5 a.m. felt like 8 a.m. With the exception of maybe an introduction and the indexes (ready though), I'd say 98 percent of our text for the books is on the pages. Finished up indexing today and now working on read throughs and CD-ROM prep. I think our managers should buy us an ice cream cake when we're done. (Just sayin'.) ;)

I went ahead and booked my June 4-6 flight to KC for Jenn's wedding. (Figured I might as well go all out since I've hit my February budget with three round-trip flights and mission trip application fee and passport.)

Miles has been crazy tonight, running around and attacking everything. I shut him in the kitchen and it calmed him down. I think he just gets overstimulated. (Note: Here's a giraffe picture I drew about a year ago in Adobe Illustrator, but the trial version I downloaded filled up my tiny hard drive--32GB!--so I had to uninstall it so my computer would function. This picture is totally unrelated to this post.)

Found out today that one of my friends from K-State is likely moving to Nashville! Anne was in town last week with her fiancee for an interview at Belmont. So I'm really excited about that. There's just something about having someone within 500 miles who knows relatively a lot about you and where you came from that I'm sure will be comforting (and make birthdays more exciting!).

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