I sketched up a little plan of my house this afternoon. I did measure things so my squares are roughly scaled to 1 foot, but I did a lot of rounding with my inches so it's not exact. Obviously I have furniture, but this is what's permanent. It'd be cool if I could make a 3D design of my house on the computer and put things on the virtual walls and rearrange furniture and change paint colors so I can see what looks good before I dive into any major projects. I got my first issue of Real Simple on Monday and I'm determined to domesticate myself and get this whole cooking, cleaning, decorating, gardening, yard working thing down to a science.

My zucchini production is starting to drop dramatically. I took what I had to work today. My first year garden did all right considering I didn't do much planning and the baby plants endured the flood. If I had the time and resources, I think my backyard could be sweet. I have 30 feet of nothing along the backside of my house that I'd like to mulch and put a couple of bushes and/or flower beds and/or raised vegetable beds.

Yesterday when I returned to my office after filling my Nalgene, I discovered a large bag of Reese's peanut butter cups camping out on my desk. A nice surprise, though not extremely surprising since I've been tweeting and posting pictures about how much I was enjoying eating the Reese's from Jeff's office the last couple of weeks. (So really, they should have gone to him.) No one would admit to leaving them for me, though I have my suspicions. I had a difficult time concentrating at work today. I got done what I needed to but my thoughts are elsewhere. Also today I scheduled a time to meet with Britt Nicole for an interview. That's right, in person. I'm impressed she has the time and I am very much looking forward to it. Trying to get my questions done by Friday; the interview is August 10.

Today I entered some of my fiction to a literary magazine. I got the link from a college classmate. It was free to submit, and there's no prize but being published if they like your stuff. In October I'm going to a fiction writers conference here in Nashville. I'd still like to write a book someday, maybe within the next three years or so.


  1. WTG on the fiction submission & the interview & all! : )

  2. The plan looks cozy. My cousin started her first garden this year and it didn't pretty well. However, we discovered that we needed to use more fertilizer for the corn because it grew so puny.


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