A: All Fired Up

This morning Anne and I went to All Fired Up in Hillsboro Village. It's an artsy little place where you can paint ceramics then they'll glaze and fire them for you and you can pick them up in about five days. Anne had a project there she needed to finish and I began work on a mug.

We got there just before 10 a.m. and waited outside for it to open. It was hot.

You have to see this blue color in person. It's my favorite.
I started with a light teal as a base coat on my mug. I really had no vision; I decided just to go for it. And I decided that any task is most successful if you have a vision. After I painted the inside, I wasn't really happy with it, but oh well. This is my first time.
I'm going for the free-handed "I made this myself" look. ;)
Making some progress. Anne finished so I decided to call it and come back and finish my mug another day. There is a flat $6 fee for using the paint/brushes/stencils etc. and then each piece is priced individually. This mug with the fee and tax was $20. Sure, I could go buy a mug for like $3 from the store, but painting is fun and very therapeutic. You can stay as long as you like; it's very relaxing. I liked it. :)

Anne and Sam's violet pot

Anne and Sam came here earlier this week and started on a pot for violets. Anne finished it today. Hillsboro Village is within walking distance from Anne and Sam's place so we walked and it was lovely. This afternoon I'm headed to Centennial Park with my friend Sarah to see some live music. I'll post about that this evening.

good day,


  1. Free hand, my foot. That looks like you used a stencil. Perfect!
    P.S. You must have inherited your grandma's artistic talent.

  2. Very cool. I used to work at a place just like that. It was called "Crack Pots" People always gave me a funny look when I told them where I worked...

    I hope you share your finished product with us!

  3. We had (have? it might still be open...) a shop like that called Fireworks. It's fun to be an artist for a day! : )


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