M: musicians corner.

This afternoon Sarah and I went to Centennial Park to hear some live music. This was the first Saturday for Musicians Corner, an "outdoor musical epicenter for Nashville" (according to the Web site). The group is envisioning Musicians Corner to be like Speakers Corner in London. Live music will grace the park every Saturday from 3-6 p.m. through October and it's FREE. What's not to love?

Sarah under her umbrella. Music was good even in the rain.
Today the Weather Channel was calling for a 10 percent chance of rain so we were a little surprised when two sets in, it began to rain. Then the rain got heavier. Fortunately Sarah had an umbrella in her purse so we huddled under it sitting on a towel on the ground. When the rain let up, the music continued but it kept raining and finally when it began to lightning and thunder, we left.

The music was quality. That's what you get for living in Nashville. Even the street players who sit on the curb with their cases open to make rent money are really good. Here are the musicians we saw:

Damien Horne
Mindy Smith
Mikky Ekko
Sam & Ruby
Trent Dabbs
In addition to the tunes, Sarah and I had a great time people watching. If you want to see every person Nashville has to offer, spend an hour or two at Musicians Corner. We saw old people, young people, people with tattoos, people with dogs, people with cigars and sunflower-patterned blankets and corn on the cob. I might even dare to claim the people watching compares to an afternoon at BNA, which just goes to show that music does not discriminate; young, old, tattooed, Tennessean ... music speaks to the soul.

It's all music to my ears,

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