Trying to stay warm in the 71-degree Mac Lab. Absorbing the heat from the computers.

That's me trying to stay warm. How foolish of me not to think of carrying a jacket around in July, so during my two-hour training I was sporting goosebumps and finally resorted to hugging my computer to share in what little heat it was producing. I bet we could save a pretty nice chunk of cash if we didn't keep the office at 71. I read that each degree below 78 will cost you 3-4%. I keep my house at 78 and I realize some people are just warm blooded and I'm sure being sweaty at the office would be a bad deal, but that's a lot of money we're spending to keep LW chilly. That Mac lab could use a couple of ceiling fans and I'm sure we would all do just fine at 74.

I came home from work and noticed that Miles had puked on one of my rugs. I wish he would start puking in less discreet places; the middle of the kitchen floor would be just fine with me (linoleum = easy clean up). I'm not sure how long this had been there but it was completely dried and I hung it over the fence and sprayed it down with the hose.

We are starting off July well here in Nashville. For lunch I went to the LW plaza and ate with Jennifer H. and several interns. It is currently 83 degrees, 33% humidity and looking at a low of 60 tonight. I am very thankful for and looking forward this three-day weekend. Newfoundland is coming up in a month and I have a lot to get done!

Stay cool warm,


  1. Tammy (copperaxel)July 1, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    I know how you feel about being cold in summer. I carry a white sweater with me every time we go out to eat because restaurants freeze me to death.
    Several years ago I worked in the office at a trucking company and the owners kept the air on 68, and not on "auto" where it kicked on and off. They kept it switched "on" and it ran nonstop all day every day. I wore a thick sweater all summer long. I believe they could have rented out space for a meat cooler for people.

  2. heehee - I'm one of those crazy ppl who keeps the thermostat btwn 68 - 70. But then I snuggle under blankets when I go to sleep. : )

    Sorry about the cat-puke. I think the same thing when I wake up/get home and find Angel has puked up mere INCHES from the linoleum that would be so easy to clean.


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