Today. Last day of June … where has the first half of the year gone? It has been pleasantly cool today (lower- to mid-80s). For lunch Cheryl, Jennifer, and I walked down to the Batman (AT&T) building. There is a Chick-fil-A on the bottom floor. I hadn't had CFA since September and Cheryl gave me a coupon for a free sandwich. It was nice to soak up a little sunshine. Except for the months of November–February, I spend a lot of my day wishing I had a window. Someday.

really big zucchini!
After work I went out to my garden to pull weeds. I had kind of neglected it lately; my strawberries aren't producing this year and the crabgrass started creeping in. That stuff is hard to get rid of! It's funny how being an adult makes you start to care about stuff like crabgrass.

I was out there sitting on my little red bucket and carefully separating weeds and crabgrass from my delicate strawberry plants. I'm sure there are weeds beneath my zucchini plants, but the leaves are so huge and the zucchini seems to be thriving that I'm not going to worry about it. I check my zucchini at least every other day; sometimes I pick zucchini bigger than my head. (Be impressed and pretend you don't know that too-big zucchini are more bitter than zucchini 8" or shorter.)

Next Friday (July 9) I am going to hear Matthew West talk about his new album, The Story of Your Life, due out October 5. Matthew asked listeners via web and radio to submit their own stories of restoration, hope, etc. Literally thousands responded from every state in the US and 20 countries as well. He then spent two months in a cabin writing the songs for the new record based on the themes of the letters. Should be pretty cool.

au revoir June,


  1. NICE SHIRT :-)

  2. I wore this shirt to the zoo on Sunday and some lady stopped me and said, "Cornell! I have a niece and nephew who graduated from there!" I think one of them graduated in May too.

  3. that's great. I called my credit card company to make a payment the other day and the guy I talked to said he was at our graduation in May! haha


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