This evening Anne + Sam invited me over for dinner. Anne made "chikky pot pie" (her words). She wouldn't let me take any pictures, so this is a stock photo, but hers looked much better (not so runny). Anne is a good cook. I was stuffed. I love that they are living in Nashville. Before I went, I picked some zucchini and took them to Anne + Sam.

Tomorrow I have to stay late at work because I have a band interview scheduled for 4 p.m. (I work until 3), and it will probably last 30 minutes. I'm interviewing Gungor (formerly known as Michael Gungor Band). Sunday night, Gungor is having a Beautiful Things event in Franklin, so I'm planning on going to that with three friends.

I skipped out on Movies and the Park ... again! I haven't been once this summer, but I have small group on Wednesday nights so by the time we get done (8:30) I know by the time I drive out to Centennial Park, find a place to park, and watch the rest of the movie, it will be really late. (I wake up at 5 a.m., remember?) Tonight they were showing The Blind Side. I've seen it; it's good. Next week is The Wizard of Oz. I feel a little compelled to go to that one, being a Kansan and all. Then they are showing Where the Wild Things Are the first Wednesday in July since it was rained out early this month.

Kevin was in his pool when I was out in my garden this afternoon and he told me he is frying up some catfish on Saturday and I am welcome to eat it and swim. Unfortunately I don't really like catfish, and my Saturday is pretty booked anyway. He mowed by backyard tonight; I'm trying to keep his family stocked with fresh zucchini so hopefully he knows I appreciate his help.

Good night,

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