biking across kansas

Today is the starting day for Biking Across Kansas (BAK). Yep, that's right. Eight days of bicycling adventure across the rolling plains of Kansas. Sounds fun, doesn't it? (It is!) Unfortunately, I'm not going this year. But my sister, dad, and stepmom are making the trip.

I've been three times: 2000, 2005, 2007. The route varies every year. In fact, there used to be three routes every year but now all the riders (up to 800) take the same route. Riders stay in tents or school gymnasiums overnight and spend 7-8 hours a day riding. Routes across the state vary from about 475 miles to 550 miles! It's pretty intense but a lot of fun.

 When my sister and I go, we are usually some of the youngest riders. The average age is probably in the 50s. If you get tired, the support team won't leave you behind. You can load up your bike in the back of a SAG (Support and Gear) truck and ride to the next town (though some of your friends might make fun of you for wimping out).

Here are some pictures from when I rode in 2000. I was 12.

Me and my bike at the Colorado/Kansas border

My dad, me, and John Cooper.
Mmmm. Roadkill Helper.
Me and some "SAG Hags." I was rockin' the bangs as a 12 year old.

Finished! It's tradition to stick your bike tires in the Missouri River.
BAK 2005
BAK 2007
It's really neat to see all of the small towns in Kansas. Being on a bike can be a little exhausting, but there's really nothing like gliding through the prairie early on a summer morning listening to Nickel Creek over your headphones. It will probably be awhile before I go on BAK again. I'd have to take a week of vacation and I haven't been here long enough to earn very many vacation days. Some day.

Happy trails!


  1. Thats cool. my sister is currently training for ragbrai, which is across Iowa!

  2. We do something similar in Iowa, I think it's called Ragbrai? Definitely a fun trek if you can ride a bike that much! (Currently I can not, but hey, maybe someday!!) : )


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