el verano.

Clouds overhead
Well, my housemate Jennifer and I and a couple of the interns were all excited about going to Movies in the Park tonight but it just started raining and it was canceled due to rain and lightning. Fortunately they always reschedule. They'll show Where the Wild Things Are the first Wednesday in July. So, that was what I was expecting to blog about today.

After work I took Miles out in the backyard to run off some of his energy. Kevin and Dawn were out in their pool and asked what I was growing in my garden. Kevin told me he is having a fish fry later this month and asked if I like catfish. I'm not a big fan of catfish but he said he will probably do hot dogs and hamburgers too.

On Monday Dawn said I could come over sometime to eat barbecue if I wanted. I started to head over there, but this guy who gave me his phone number was sitting on the front porch ... I never called him, so I quickly bent down in front of my house and pretend to pull weeds before moving around to the kitchen door and going inside. That could have been really awkward.

My garden!  :)
My zucchini are taking over my garden! I have never actually grown my own zucchini before, so I didn't really know what to expect. They looked so small when they sprouted from seed so I dropped all 16 into the ground. My strawberries aren't producing because they are so shocked from the transplant. Out of the 12 pepper plants I planted, there are four or five that might make it.

Yesterday the summer interns started. Most of their day was orientation, and Jennifer and I went and told them about some of the fun things to do in Nashville. It was kind of weird because most of them are our age. Three girls are working on our floor, two in editorial and one in graphic design. It's hard to believe I was in their seats a year ago; Andrea was a great teacher to me!

Coming up!
4  Meet and greet with Runaway City
5  Jenn and Evan's Wedding / Anne and Sam's Wedding
6  Fly back to Nashville
Donate Blood
10-13 CMA Festival
18  Meet and greet with Stellar Kart

Summer is just getting started,

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  1. Love the cloud picture! Sorry it wrecked movie in the park time, tho.


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