When I moved into my house, the seller had tried to make the front look nice by planting some bushes. He did a good job; it looked nice. But when I started examining the Home Depot tags left on the plants, I noticed two of the little trees planted next to the corners of my house were supposed to grow to 15' x 50'! That won't do right next to a house.

So Kevin was kind enough to have his son and a 20-yr-old friend move the trees to my backyard. Well, recently I noticed that these trees started turning brown and orange.

I probably should have watered them generously after the transplant, but quite frankly, I am glad they died. I did not like them. They were Christmas tree-like trees and they smelled like forest. Those are fine sometimes, but not in my Southern yard. So after we got home from work, Jennifer and I went out there and dug/cut those puppies up.

This wasn't the only task I conquered today. I found I had a pair of yellow cleaning gloves which made it much more OK to clean the hair out of the shower drain if I didn't have to actually touch it. Jennifer said, "Do you want me to do it?" And I was all, "No way. Watch me conquer this." And I did it. Still gross, but my water now flows freely.

I also harvested some more zucchini. Now I have seven fresh zucchini in my refrigerator. I'll probably take some of it to work tomorrow and give it away.

Tomorrow night Jennifer and I are planning on going to The Rutledge and seeing Audrey Assad, Brandon Heath, Chris August, Newsboys, Mistletoe Project, House of Heroes, and Poema. It's free and should be a lot of fun!

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