I have been living in my house for nearly seven months. And tonight was the first time I participated in a sit-down-and-enjoy-each-other's-company dinner.

Jennifer and Megan

This is because up until a month ago, I lived alone. Jennifer is staying for the summer, and this week another 2009 summer intern (Megan) is in town and staying at my house. So even though my planned dinner was a blueberry muffin, I joined them for a slice of pizza. It was quite lovely. I think I ought to do this more often.

Tonight I went to a small group (Kairos Intersect Group). After a year in Nashville and numerous failed attempts, I have finally gotten plugged in somewhere. (I picked up the book from the LifeWay Store for one of the other girls so I couldn't make an excuse for not showing up. Someone was depending on me.) The girls are great and I'm pretty excited about it.

Is it Friday yet?

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