29 june 10

Tonight I met up with Sam and Anne at Kairos. The guest speaker tonight was Priscilla Shirer. Her brother, Anthony Evans, led worship.

Priscilla talked about Jacob in Genesis 28 and his four secrets:
1) The certain place is a sacred place.
2) The tough stuff is full of good stuff.
3) God confirms His promises.
4) The Secret of Returning

You can watch the video or listen to the audio at the Kairos Nashville website.

Today I packed a sandwich for lunch, but when the offer for Baja Fresh came along, I couldn't pass it up. Jennifer B., Jennifer H., Andy, Jeremy, and I went there for lunch. I had never been; I ordered a Caesar salad burrito (very good but don't let the "salad" part fool you … It was like 940 calories).

buenos noches,

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