first harvest.

I went out to my garden tonight to check on the weeds which have kind of taken over my strawberry plants but are so hard to pull! I need to get out there early in the a.m. when there are not so many bugs out.

I'm not banking much hope in my pepper plants, but there are flowers and three-inch zucchini everywhere! Then I found these big guys:

Look what I grew! :-)

My first harvest! I'm pretty proud of myself ... for not killing them, I suppose, because I really didn't do anything to make them grow. But I will have zucchini like nobody's business. So all my Nashville friends, get out your zucchini bread recipes because I will be sending some your way!

I love zucchini,


  1. Those look great! Keep checking them every day because ones that look too small today may be just right or ever to big tomorrow.

  2. Bah!!! I'm so excited for you!! Look at those beauties! What an excellent gardener you are! Let me know when all of your boxes, refrigerators, and freezers are overflowing with these delightful members of the squash family. I have an excellent "Zucchini Crisp" recipe to give to you. :)
    Mmmk. Love you!

  3. Way to go! Let me know if you want to send a carepackage of zucchini bread to Iowa!! : )


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