Zucchini bread/muffins

Today I went to Aldi. For the first time ever. I didn't like it. They didn't have baking powder. I made zucchini bread/muffins. I'm not very good at spreading frosting; I don't like cake so I don't get a lot of practice. But I promise they still taste just as good, and quite possibly even better.

I had a burst of creativity this afternoon. It made me think of a Gwen Stefani quote that was featured on an hp commercial a year or two ago: Sometimes it's so hard to find what it is I'm trying to say. People might think you can turn creativity on and off, but it's not like that. It just kinda comes out: a mash-up of all these things you collect in your mind. You never know when it's gonna happen, but when it does, it's like magic. It's just that simple, and it's just that hard.

The boy I sponsor in Ethiopia, Million, wrote me a letter and told me that his favorite pet is chickens. His favorite game is football (soccer). Favorite holiday: Easter. Favorite food: chicken stew. Favorite color: white. Favorite Bible story: Moses. When Million grows up, he wants to be a soccer player. He wrote, (translated) "Please pray for the peace of the world. Pray for my country and my living." Million said that because he is now sponsored, he was able to get some new clothes. Million shares my birthday, February 12. He is 15 years old. Click here for more information about sponsoring a child.

Happy Monday,


  1. Those look Yummmmie! And it's so neat that you are sponsoring someone. Blessings!

  2. I think it is awesome that you sponsor a needy child. I have always wanted to do that & someday I will. When I am able to keep a job in this economy and commit to it without having to worry about not being able to sponsor.


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