stellar kart.

Jordan and Adam playing in the Nashville Room
I first heard Stellar Kart in 2006 when one of my friends gave me their 2005 album, All Gas. No Brake. The band has recently released a new album, Everything Is Different Now. They played at Ichthus Music Festival last night in Kentucky, and Adam and Jordan came to LifeWay this morning to play a few songs and talk about their album. Usually Stellar Kart uses electric guitars, so the acoustic was a little different sound. It was good though.

For lunch our team met up with Andrea at The Copper Kettle to celebrate Jessica's birthday. I had never heard of meat-and-threes before I moved to Nashville. Today I got a meat-and-two: barbecued pulled pork, steamed veggies, and sweet potato casserole. One of our coworkers made Jessica a small birthday cake so she brought that and we had it for dessert. While we were there, the members of Addison Road came in. Andrea knew them from working a summer camp with them, so she went over and talked to them. I interviewed Jenny a couple of months ago for our magazine, so it was cool to see her in person. Welcome to Nashville.

After lunch we had a design meeting and photo shoot for our magazine. Tonight I am taking Sam and Anne to the airport so they can fly back to Kansas and pick up Anne's car. If the weather cooperates this weekend, it will be spent catching up on yard work. (Everything in my yard is without a doubt thriving!) Andrea and I are planning on having a yard sale next Saturday morning (or, she's planning on having a yard sale, but it'll be at my house ... my neighborhood has more of the yard sale-ing types of people than hers does. I haven't lived here long enough to accumulate much junk). Should be a good time.

On the verge of summer,


  1. I completely missed you snapping a picture.

  2. Heehee, my mom does the same thing - borrowing a yard/garage for neighborhood sales. : )


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