Today after work, Jennifer and I drove to Las Paletas, for the longest time one of Nashville's best-kept secrets. They've recently relocated a few doors down from their old place and added a sign. Before, everyone knew about it by word of mouth.

Las Paletas has two types of popsicles: creamy and fruity. 
Paletas are $2.50 each ... a little pricey, but it's the Nashville experience that counts.
Flavors may vary depending on the day. They're all delicious!

 We met up with Sam and Anne, two of my fellow Kansans and K-Staters. 
They have just married and moved to Nashville and I'm really excited about it.

Here's what we got:
Sam - strawberry and banana
Anne - chocolate strawberry
Me - chai

 Then I took them to the zoo! I was bummed I could only get one of them in on my membership, but since it was a couple hours until closing, the girl working the ticket booth let both of them in with me!

 Me and a goat. I was afraid to get any closer to him; I didn't want him to eat my face!

 Elephants. They were fanning themselves with their ears. It was hot!

To old friends,


  1. Chai popsicle! That sounds like what I need for breakfast tomorrow. I'll have to settle for a chai frappacino from the bucks, tho!

  2. Do you remember the video I have of all three of you guys at a petting zoo when you were little? You all cried and ran away from the goats! I'm glad to see you are no longer afraid of them...

  3. haha, yeah Mom I was telling Andrea about that the first time we went to the zoo!

  4. Speaking of popcicles... another blog I tune into made mention the other day of an honest to goodness real popcicle called- Picklecicles. And the package reads- made of pure frozen pickle juice.

    I think Chai was a much better choice than pickle. LOL

  5. Oh my goodness, I've never eaten a pickle but I know I would hate them just by how they smell!


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