This morning I was sitting at my desk editing a leader guide when all of a sudden, I started hiccuping. Painful hiccups! A quick Google search and I found a cure! It worked immediately:
  1. Breathe in to fill your air with lungs. Without letting air out, swallow.
  2. Still without letting air out, breathe in again to fill your lungs. (You can get some more air in there.)
  3. Then, swallow again. Repeat this process; you should be able to keep getting air in; it's the swallowing that gets tougher to do.
The site said to try this for about 30 seconds, even if your face starts turning red. I lasted about 15 seconds, and my hiccups were gone! Amazing. So tuck that little trick away for when you'll need it.

Dentist today. No cavities. :) I stopped by Sunset Elementary for a bit to help Andrea in her first grade classroom. Tonight I'm doing laundry and packing. Tomorrow we fly.

Away we go,


  1. WTG on the no cavities! Good job! : )

    Also, Safe trip! : )

  2. I recently heard of a way to cure someone else's hiccups.

    Hold a dollar bill in front of them and tell them, "I'll give you this dollar bill if you can give me two more real hiccups." For some reason, you cannot hiccup if you're trying to. :)


  3. I have been known to eat a spoonful of peanut butter, to cure the hiccups. And, it does work quite wonderfully. Have fun on your trip!!

  4. I could get that dollar! :-)

  5. How interesting! I'll have to try that the next time I get the hiccups, because normally I just hold my breath until I can't stand it anymore. Maybe you have found the secret to getting rid of them. Lol.


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