real simple.

I'm not afraid to admit that I don't have the design gene. I think there's great power in recognizing what you're not talented at. I mean, I feel like I got a piece of it. I can come up with ideas for things, but I can't make it happen. I can have a vision for how I want to spice up a wall, but I can't go to the store and find the right pieces. In my dream to make my house more home-like and cozy, I bought myself a subscription to Real Simple. I haven't received my first issue yet, but I've been perusing the website. If I had unlimited time and resources …

bathroom vision

I would repaint my bathroom. Right now it's a light brown-but-kind-of-peachy color. I'm in love with teal and dark browns, and I already have a shower curtain and bath mat to match.

I also want to get some things put up on my walls but I'm too indecisive and I don't have enough money to splurge on great photography. But I came across this cute idea on Real Simple's website:

Fabric on canvas wall hanging
And I already have a staple gun! So all I would need is so cool fabric and a canvas (I could probably find an ugly painting cheap and cover it) and have a quick piece of art I could easily change out.

I'll have this winter to get started on some projects when it's too cold to have fun outside. I just booked a flight home for Labor Day weekend ... I haven't been home since Christmas! I told my mom I'm looking forward to some quality food, grilled chicken and the like. This will be my eighth round trip with Southwest so I will earn a free flight through their Rapid Rewards program -- off to adventures and mountainous places!

Today I am dreaming,


  1. Well, if you want some great paintings (and for free, might I add) just ask Aunt Rebecca. She's a beastly artist, and gives multiple painting to us (her loving family) for Christmas. She'll also make an effort to match it to the colors in your house.


  2. You will love Real Simple magazine. Cute ideas! :)


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