Today I ruined a batch of zucchini crisp. I wasn't paying close enough attention to the directions because I cooked as Jennifer was moving out her stuff, and I added too much crust mixture at the wrong time and it thickened like gel potpourri -- cubed zucchini suspended in a sugar-and-cinnamon mold. It wasn't good enough to eat (believe me, I tried) so I threw it out. I keep thinking I'll be leaving for NL too soon to buy groceries, but in reality I'm not leaving for 12 days. I need to go to the store.

my fridge :(

The contents of my fridge: sugar free lemonade, water, milk, orange juice, tomato, wheat tortilla, butter, zucchini. The door holds an array of condiments and a couple of yogurts.

I spent the evening re-dispersing my belongings back into my bedroom. I also rearranged and cleaned. I feel like I am constantly cleaning! :) I don't mind cleaning too much though. My mom always kept our house clean when I was growing up; sometimes I thought it was ridiculous ... Do I really need to clean my room? It's not like someone is going to come over and look at it! But I'm glad this discipline has been instilled in me.

My 2-yr. contract ran up on my phone so I was eligible for a free upgrade. I've been rocking an LG Scoop for the last two years and I've been happy with it (except for the poor camera quality and the sometimes slow response of my qwerty keyboard). But I upgraded to a Samsung Reality. All I use my phone for now is texting and occasionally a phone call, so this phone is probably a little more than I need.

These next few weeks are looking to be pretty intense. At work I'm trying to get ahead since I'll be out of the office six days in a row while in NL. I've got to find time to vote before I leave, to renew my vehicle tags, write interview questions for JJ Heller and Britt Nicole, and pack for NL. Thursday afternoon I have to go to the dentist. Friday we leave for Kansas City. :)

Good night,


  1. Aww, sorry the zucchini crisp didn't turn out. I know I must have been a distraction as I moved out! It was so funny, not long after I got there last night, Mrs. Lumpkin was telling me about the zucchini muffins that she had made. I asked her where she got the zucchini from and sure enough, it was from your backyard! I had one with breakfast, very tasty :)

  2. That's funny. I'm glad to know it's going to good use!


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