I made a Caesar salad to go with Anne's pasta. Don't be too impressed, I used a kit. 
I did add my own shredded Parmesan cheese though.

After dinner Anne, Sam, Nate, and I played Mexican dominoes followed by Sequence. When it was dark we headed over to the roof of a residence hall and watched the fireworks from there. The view as cool but it was the strangest thing because we couldn't hear any of the explosions. At least we didn't have to fight any crazy crowds downtown though.

More tomorrow. It's past my bedtime.
Grace and peace,


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and i like it.

  2. I know how you feel! I hate the crowds to watch the fireworks, they're best viewd from the rooftop :)

  3. I watched fireworks from my hotel room in Omaha over the weekend, and it was cool because I'd hear the blasts from one show while watching another so they were just "off." LOL

    Oh, and Sequence is an awesome game! : )

  4. Fireworks with out the noise. ... Awesome!


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