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I was invited to go to a listening party in Brentwood this afternoon at EMI Christian Music Group. I took Jennifer with me. I've been to several listening parties at LW, but this was my first off site party.

The room was burning with "Nashville insider." The group was young people and the lights were dim and there were two red chairs positioned in a set up straight out of an IKEA catalog. I found myself wondering, How on earth am I -- a 22-year-old Kansas girl -- here, standing among these media writers and publicists and shaking hands with Matthew West, a chart-topping, Dove Award-winning, singer/songwriter?

Welcome to Nashville.

Matthew West responds to interview questions at today's listening party.

For his upcoming album, The Story of Your Life, Matthew asked his listeners to send him their life stories (in 250 words), then he spent two months in a cabin in Tennessee sorting through the thousands of stories and writings songs inspired by them. The result was a raw, authentic album giving voice to the problems, issues, hopes, and joys real people are dealing with. He touches on everything from distorted legacies, to abuse, to adoption. This is definitely an album worth checking out.

The Story of Your Life releases October 5. Play the video below to hear Matthew talk about the record.

What's your story?

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