This afternoon when I took Nate to work, we went a little early and plugged the re-soldered main relay back into his car. It didn't work.

Dang it. We went inside defeated and Googled around to find there are three or four possibilities of what could be wrong. Fortunately none of them seem major; unfortunately they don't seem like something we could do ourselves. So we are trying to figure out where we should take his car and when. The only days Nate isn't working is when he has class all day. And we'll have to get it towed out of the Starbucks parking lot. This will be an interesting week. I know Nate likes his car, but I am getting close to being totally ready to move on. :)

In other news, I did another 10-minute craft project. I had this old white clock. (Well, yellowish clock. It was white years ago when my mom bought it. I'm betting it dates back to grade school.) We needed a clock in the study and this one didn't exactly go with the decor.

So I pulled out our samples and did a little touching up. Gray frame, gray minute and hour hand, and green second hand. I took off the plastic cover because it was pretty scratched up. I like the white background alright because it compliments the trim, but I think it would be fun to do my own back.

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