fresh coat.

We've gotten a little relief from the heat the last couple of days here in Nashville. I walked to the post office over lunch today and it was beautiful outside. Lower 80s. The other day I told Nate, "When it's winter and I'm complaining about being cold, remind me of this. This right here is miserable." The air feels heavy when we hit mid-90s.

Nate is starting seminary classes next week and we are trying to get the study ready for a semester of, well, studying. It's also going to be our creative space where we can write and think and read. We picked Behr's asparagus green for the ceiling and accent wall. The other three walls are "just-mined coal" (dark gray). We need another coat of paint on the ceiling and touch-ups all around but here's the progress so far.

asparagus green

Nate getting started. Goodbye, yellow!

Hello dark gray. (I'm not left-handed but my right arm was getting tired!) :)

Progress. When we pull of the painter's tape along the top, there will be a strip of yellow we'll have to cover with the gray. We need to finish a second coat on the ceiling first though.

I was really skeptical about painting the ceiling but we also did a wall the same color and I think that kept it from feeling like a dark box. The desk will be along the green wall. We have so many books I think it'd be awesome to do open-back white bookshelves covering this entire wall with the window.

I found some simple construction plans online but I think we would need help from someone who knows what he's doing. Buying bookshelves from a store is so expensive! If we could make them they'd be exactly what we want.

My buddy Miles is turning 2 years old next month! Nate loves him (secretly). Every morning when we let him into the bedroom, Miles melts into a puddle of purr.

We moved everything out of the bedroom to paint and have decided not to put anything back without deciding it really needs to be in there. We have too much stuff! I don't want to just move it all to the attic. I think it will take a one-room-at-a-time strategy of taking everything out and only putting back in what we need.

August 12 ... my half birthday! Our friends Jenn and Evan are expecting a baby boy any day now. (He's actually due tomorrow.) He still has 5 hours to get here and be exactly 23½ years younger than me. :) We are going to love him so much.

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  1. "Kit includes kitteh. Some assembly required. Please to insert cat in box. Please to not insert cat in paint. Kthxbai."


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