solder success.

Yesterday the soldering iron we ordered arrived in the mail. It was a $15 Weller from Amazon.com. A little starter kit that comes with wire and some extra tips and an iron and stand. Nothing fancy.

A few days ago Miles knocked over our wireless router and somehow busted the spot where you plug in the power cord. Unless held in a very specific position, the router lost power and thus Internet connection. I Googled how to take apart a 2wire router and once I did that, it was obvious where the problem was. The plug piece was cracked and the metal connection at the back was broken.

I'm an amateur with a soldering iron, but I've seen my dad use it enough on little circuit boards to know the jist of how to use it. We could have just ordered a new router, but they are $100 and I'm a cheapo. So tonight, I got to work.

It works! I was pretty proud of myself for fixing it on the first try. I think I might have burned the end of my left index finger, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Yesterday Nate's car wouldn't start and it has happened many times. I found out (thanks, Google) that it is a very common problem with Honda Accords and most likely it is a problem with the main relay connection (a broken solder joint). So hopefully we can get his car home from Starbucks tomorrow to work on it. I wish I knew how many hundreds of dollars a mechanic would try to get out of us to fix it because I would feel even better when I fix it for free (well, the cost of the soldering iron ... negligible).

I'm a little more nervous about the car because if I screw it up it's a bigger problem than a router, but I'm pretty sure I can do it. All I have to do is follow this step-by-step guide ... with pictures. The Internet is amazing.

Bring it on, life,

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