home improvement.

Nate felt ambitious tonight. I came home feeling … rational. I talked him out of painting the entire second bedroom (including moving all the furniture, taping around the trim, and covering the floor with plastic) and we settled with a trip to Home Depot for paint samples and spot painting a couple of places on the floor and ceiling.

We brought home dark gray, mountain blue, asparagus green, and cranberry red. I think the gray and green is going to be a winner. We are planning on doing three walls dark gray, and the ceiling and another wall asparagus green. I also like that if we get a great idea, we could use white paint or something to do something awesome on the gray … a tree or birds or something. The second bedroom will be our creative space -- office, library, think tank -- also the twin bed is in there, so guest bedroom when it needs to be. We are going for something bold and inspiring.

Also, Nate needs a haircut. We've been putting it off since the wedding, but it's getting pretty intense. I'll trim him up tomorrow. I laugh every time I see this picture. :)

I love being married to him,

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