new hue.

I knocked out painting our bedroom today. After finding a sample I liked yesterday, we stopped by Home Depot after church and bought a gallon of it. If you are looking for an incredible paint color, I highly recommend Behr's "Cloud Burst." It transformed our room and now it feels so relaxing in there. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room.

Okay ... can anyone with a Camebak vouch for me that it's good at other times besides biking? Nate makes fun of me for using it when I'm doing strenuous housework. Multi-tasking! It was hot in there! At least I was well hydrated.

Behr "Cloud Burst." It only took about half a gallon to do the entire room. And the color turned out great.

Making progress! So much better than the yellow and it compliments the bedding really well. We moved out all of the furniture, so I pulled the drawers out of the dressers to make it easier to move. When I pulled out the last drawer halfway, I saw something big and black move suddenly in the shadows.

Nate was napping on the bed and I didn't scream. I just started jumping up and down and maybe breathing a little faster than normal. He shot up and I told him something was in there. I armed him with a flip-flop, and when he pulled the drawer out slowly, we found a GIGANTIC black spider on the back of it. (It wasn't a brown recluse, we looked at lots of pictures.)

Nate smashed it. My hero. … And we are seriously going to take steps to make sure nothing besides me, Nate, and Miles is a permanent resident in this house.

Finished! It looks the best in sunlight but by the time I finished 5 hours after I started, it was dark outside. We'll move the furniture back in tomorrow when the paint is dry. It's a good thing it's supposed to get down to 62 tonight ... we can sleep with the windows open so we don't get high.

The great thing was that painting is on the activity list for the City Challenge. So I was able to log 300 minutes of exercise today! Awesome! Now everyone at LW should go paint something. :)

Today was the launch of the Immanuel College community group and it was awesome. Nate led and we had breakfast set up including Starbucks coffee and some Starbucks pastries (which may or may not have been expired).

What a great weekend.

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  1. The master bedroom of the house we are currently in is painted a similar color. Initially, I wasn't too hyped about it, but now I love it & am convinced it is the best color for bedrooms! You were spot on when you said it feels relaxing. We sleep well in our "cloud burst" room!


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