round 2.

I made another trip to Home Depot today, but this time I took a pillowcase. They have this little machine that looks at your sample and matches a paint color. It was pretty incredible. So I brought home a sample and a coordinating accent sample. It's always so hard to imagine what a room will look like when it's painted more than just a little square on the wall. I am ready to get rid of yellow!

I'm trying to match the shades and our bedding. Not exactly, but I definitely don't want it to clash. The shades color is called "smoke" even though it really doesn't look like gray at all. It looks more like eucalyptus, which is the color in our bedding.

The paint color is called Cloud Burst. I would have bet anyone that the other sample they gave me is white, but it's called Lime Light and sure enough, after I painted it onto the sample card, it dried matching exactly. It's a very light blue, almost the high end of the spectrum of cloud burst. It might be too light to do an accent wall. It might be nice to paint the inside of the closet Lime Light.

We have a very tiny kitchen. What paint color would be more fun than peachy sand?
The next thing I want to do after painting the bedroom is the kitchen! I have no idea what color to paint it, especially since we already have two rooms (bedroom, bathroom) shades of blue. The study is dark gray and green, and the front room/dining area is this taupe color that actually looks slightly light green at night. I could do something extreme in the kitchen, except for red.

Needs paint. Also, what a waste of all! I need some ideas for utilizing this space (preferably for storage).
All I know is that right now it is kind of peachy brown and I don't like it. The linoleum is muted tones of brown/tan but it shouldn't be too hard to coordinate with that. Light color? Dark color? I probably would have chosen green if we hadn't already used it in the second bedroom. The cabinets could be painted ... they are so light though it might look good to do a dark color. But then I'm always afraid I'll feel trapped in a box. I could always go back to white ... or a very light off-white color (like Lime Light! haha). Picking is the hardest part of painting.

Little counter space. There really is only room to paint over the window and the back splash.
I'd be all for doing an accent color on this wall. Not sure if I want to paint the cabinets.
Anyway, it only took two years and two months, but I finally got a library card! The second-closest library to us is on Edmondson Pike and it's such a nice library. The whole east wall is windows lined with chairs and tables and sofas. It's a great quiet space to get creative. I check out Jodi Picoult's book, House Rules. It's about an autistic kid. I'm only two chapters in and it's very long so I'm not sure if it's good. I've had a big problem lately with starting a lot of books but not finishing them.

The City Challenge started on Friday and the competition is fierce. The only bad thing is that the points are based on an honor system. You put in how long you exercised, but there's no way to prove you're not lying. Of course you would assume a company like LW would be pretty trustworthy. We are currently in second. But guess what company is in first ... a law firm. Lawyers! You can come to your own conclusions about that.

Nate has been setting me up with whatever he thinks will help me tap into my creative side because I talk so much about wanting to write a book. I feel like it's so close, closer than ever before. I have lots of ideas for nonfiction/study-type books. I think there's fiction in me, but it will take a lot of planning and outlining. I'm good at writing a really great descriptive paragraph, but then I don't know where to go with it. Anyway, I anticipate cranking something creative out in the next 4-6 months. Or at least have a really promising start. We'll see. :)

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  1. You should definately finish House Rules! It is such a good book!


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