Yesterday afternoon/evening Nate and I worked really hard to get the study finished. On Saturday I finished the second coat on the ceiling, and Nate painstakingly finished the edge last night. We moved in our desks and bookcases. Nate has a swing chair he wants to hang in one corner and we will someday replace those blinds with shades or something Miles-proof.

Nate's desk

My desk

Books! Lots of books.

Throughout the week we will get things up on the walls and adapt the space to be just what we want. We threw away a lot of papers and things we didn't need, and it felt great! We are slowly decluttering. A lot went to the attic. We wrapped the twin mattress in plastic and moved it and the box springs to the attic. Our attic is getting pretty full. Some day when it cools down this fall we will have to go through all that stuff too. There is a local charity that picks up donations if you call them and leave them on your front porch. Very convenient.

Nate starts classes this morning … 8:30-11:30 a.m., 12:30-3:30 p.m., and 6-9 p.m. A very full day. But now he has a place to study. And I have a place to create too. Nate says I should write a book called Biblical Theology for Preteens. I like the idea, but I told him I can't call it that because no preteen would pick it up. :)

I really liked how the paint turned out! I told Nate that the colors make me think of the gospel coalition. I was pretty nervous at first, especially about painting the ceiling. The photos don't really do it justice and don't display the colors very accurately. Jeff suggested we paint the bookshelves all white. I like that idea, especially since our bookshelves are all different colors! I'll have to look into the best way to paint them. These are nothing more than $30 assemble-yourself projects from Target.

Look out, world. We just ordered a soldering iron. Miles knocked our router off the window sill (probably not a smart place to put it but the only other option was behind the couch) and the part where you plug the power cord in is cracked and the Internet stopped working. I found a YouTube video on my phone about how to take apart this particular router, and then I did it. It was really easy to find the problem. There are these two little metals pieces that are cracked and if I force them together, the power works. And because a soldering iron ($16) is cheaper than getting another router from AT&T ($100) we are fixing it! I am also going to use the soldering iron to fix a connection on Nate's car that sometimes causes his car not to start when it's hot outside.

Why pay when you can do it yourself?

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  1. That turned out great! It looks very contemporary and will be a nice "quiet space." Good job!


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