soldering the main relay
Nate's car is still living in the Starbucks parking lot because it won't start, but yesterday when I went to pick him up from work I brought my laptop and a tool kit and we worked at getting the main relay out. You have to lay on your back beneath the steering wheel and use a ratchet to get off the cruise control box. Then the main relay is crammed way up in there.

We finally got it out and brought it home. It wasn't super obvious if there were any cracked soldering joints but there were a couple that seemed suspicious. I soldered most of them just to be safe.

Tonight we will return to his car to try to reinstall it. Hopefully the fix works. There's a chance I might have blown a fuse while taking the relay out. But I know we are saving a lot of money by not taking it to a mechanic. We would have had to pay for the parts plus who knows how much for the labor. When we do it ourselves, the labor is free.

Worse case scenario, we spend $100 on a new relay. Best case scenario, we plug it back in and his car starts right up. We're hoping for the best.

Amos Jordan Riordan
We got word last night that our best friends Evan and Jenn had their baby! He was due almost a week ago, but Amos Jordan Riordan finally entered the world at 9 lbs, 11 oz.

Hopefully we can meet him when we go back to Kansas over Christmas. I was hoping he would be born last Friday, my half birthday. But I told Nate that Amos's birthday is 8-18-11 and mine is 2-12-88. So we got the month + 10 days and double-digit years going on. OK, maybe that's a stretch trying to find something in common. Maybe they will call him AJ and then we'll have the same initials. :) We love him already.

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  1. I love how much you DIY! Your blog has been awesome to follow :]
    And Amos is sooo sweet. I'm a little sad I won't be able to see him before I leave, but I'm hoping all the family posts a million pictures!


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