Our study is now my retreat. Our clean, uncluttered room where I can sit and forget about the dishes in the sink and the laundry in the dryer. I know I will love it here. Plus it keeps me away from the TV which is awesome.

I got home today and got an idea. I have a small old bulletin board that my mom bought for me when I was probably still in elementary school. Some of the cork was chipping off and at some point I had used a marker to doodle a small flower in the corner.

I went to the attic and brought down our two paint samples: dark gray and green, and I gave that bulletin board a face lift. Repurposed it for contemporary style. It was a quick and easy transformation. You can get paint samples for $3-4 each at your blue or orange and if you already have a bulletin board and a foam brush (pack of 50 at craft store for a few dollars) this is easily a less than $10 project.

The paint isn't dry yet, or I'd tack some things up on there. It would even be cool to use some gray paint and paint something on it ... like a picture or some words or something. Lots of possibilities.

Nate started classes today. For the next few months, I will probably be in bed by the time he gets home from his Monday classes. He takes another class on Friday and the rest of the week he is working full time and reading/studying. I think having extended period times alone again will take some getting used to. It will give me a chance to get things in order around the house (budget! we've kind of been avoiding it) and to read and study and write ... things that were low on the priority list the last year or so.

Happy Monday!


  1. you are too cute. i wish you were here to have craft dates with me! believe it or not, i've gotten a touch more creative :)

  2. I wish I were there too! I believe it :) miss you


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