Day 1 in the Department

First day actually doing work! I met several of the head guys in childhood ministry publishing and we took a tour of floors 8 and 9 and met a bunch of our fellow employees. I have my own office with my name on the door. The two other interns in my department got offices with windows (lucky) but one of the women in my area mentioned I have a refrigerator, and Adobe InDesign and InCopy on my Mac. I'm getting used to the Mac.

Spent the day looking over stuff and reading and editing. In a final copy of a magazine I found a mistake -- a sentence was missing a word and didn't make sense. I learned that making changes to a final copy costs money, so the company only changes major mistakes. I did some fact-checking and had to make sure all the Scripture references was correct. In doing this, I was using LifeWay's Holman Christian Standard Bible and found a mistake in it! (Nothing major, just a heading that had the wrong chapter number at the top of two consecutive pages.)

On my way home I hit my right rearview mirror (not hard, it's still attached to my car) but hard enough to knock the mirror off. It's laying in the street somewhere on 9th Ave. I went and talked to Midas and they found out they could have another auto parts store order the mirror plate and tomorrow afternoon I can go pick it up and have Midas install it for probably about $30. Oops.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in visiting this summer, I now know my work schedule! I will be working every week day from 8:30am-3pm except for the following days (which I have off):

  • Friday, June 12
  • Friday, June 19
  • Friday, June 26
  • Tuesday, June 30
  • Wednesday, July 1
  • Thursday, July 2
  • Friday, July 3
  • Friday, July 17
Come visit!

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