intern update: Alyssa does work.

Wonder what exactly I've been working on for the last week?

For my internship at LifeWay, I've been placed on the Preteen Team (for 5th/6th grades). The two products I've had a hand in are Bible Express and BTX: A Bible Teaching Experience for Preteens. Bible Express is a devotional magazine for preteens, while BTX is used as Sunday School curriculm. My mentor-of-sorts (the production editor) is Andrea, and she has been teaching me so much!
Click here for a .pdf sample of the BTX Leader Guide I've helped format, edit, and tag. This is a Spring 2009 guide. We work ahead; I spent the day working on Summer 2010. Everything you see in the leader guide starts out as plain text from the writer. We insert the text into the columns, bodies, sidebars, etc. and format it all in Adobe InCopy.

Click here for a .pdf sample of the BTX Learner Guide from Fall 2008. BTX has four parts: leader guide, learner guide, pack items, and teaching pictures. We have to check to make sure all of them correspond correctly. When the leader guide says, "have students complete the Mission:Possible activity on learner guide page 10" then learner guide page 10 must contain the Mission:Possible activity.

Click here for a .pdf sample of Bible Express. I haven't been working much on this, just doing a little proofreading.
Every time Scripture is used, I look it up to make sure the correct verses are being referred to. We check everything. (In doing this, I've actually found two mistakes in LifeWay's HCSB translation of the Bible -- nothing major, just headings at the top of the page giving the incorrect chapter.)

Did you know that when a final proof is edited, the company must pay to make additional corrections? If there is something minor like a comma missing, it's common that it'll slide. Missing and misspelled words are often corrected.

I must confess, when I come home and use my PC, I find myself inputting "Alt + C" for copy instead of "Ctrl + C" because I'm getting so used to Mac's "Command" keystrokes. I don't hate it. Matthew and Clarissa will be saying "told you so" if they read this!

**Tomorrow: LifeWay 7:30am chapel service - John Waller leading worship!**

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  1. You're doing a great job! Can't wait to see what all you learn this summer! Make sure you ask us lots of questions!


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