Day 2 in the Department

Today I learned how to use Adobe InCopy. It's like Microsoft Word on steroids. I dig it. At work today we had a party (I know, right? Day 2 and we're already having parties). It was a lady's birthday/going away party. She's going to South Africa for some mission work, so of course there was a bunch of classic All-American food. It was a nice break from working and by 2pm, I'm usually really hungry anyway. Also spent two hours today going through the Childhood Ministry Publishing and LifeWay style manuals. With InCopy, I was formatting content for a resource called Bible Express. It was fun. I'll be working on the Pre-Teen team this summer.

Got my rear-view mirror replaced. Applied to work part-time at Target to make a little extra money. It's raining here. I like the rain. Working wears me out :) I'm going to bed. Good night.

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