Intern Orientation

Finished intern orientation at LifeWay. Awesome. Tomorrow I'll actually get to go to my department (childhood ministry publishing). There are 12 summer interns working all over the company. After paperwork, a scavenger hunt, lunch, and finding our offices and getting our badges, we went home around 3pm.

This meant I had time to go buy auto and renter's insurance! I compared quotes at State Farm and Shelter, and State Farm won by being about $90 less. And they're mailing me a $10 gas card. I probably could have asked Shelter to match, but the guy at State Farm was really nice and Shelter was too hard to find, so I didn't bother going back.

I'll be back at LifeWay tomorrow at 8:30am. There's a 9am meeting (in my office!) and hopefully I'll find out how my schedule will look. I'm pretty tired now. Might be time for a nap! :)

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  1. Hey, Alyssa!

    I'm SO happy for you! I know LifeWay is blessed to have you with them!

    What a lot of things you have gone through to get there! Won't it be exciting to see how God is going to use these experiences for you!

    Have a WONDERFUL summer!

    Praying for you,


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