Today was a bit of a slow day around the office. We're getting ahead on our projects. I was fighting sleepiness so I took a break and walked the stairs. Tuesday = lunch with the other interns. I handed out my canoe trip flyers and I think we'll have a good time on Saturday. At lunch we saw Thom Rainer, LifeWay's president and CEO. I "tweeted" about it on Twitter, and he "tweeted" me back. I feel pretty special, ha.

The storms moved in around 2pm and Nashville was under a tornado warning, though the tornado stuff was more north, like near Madison (where I live!). No damage, but I felt good knowing I went ahead and got renter's insurance.

Today at work I edited Bible Express (preteen devotional magazine). The VBS team was doing a photo shoot of different desserts... I'm not exactly sure why, but this meant when they were done photographing, the food was free-for-all. I snagged a sugar cookie and butterscotch Rice Krispie treat. A nice end to my lunch break.

I have my housemates hooked on The Office. They haven't seen many of them, so I pulled out my DVDs and we started at the beginning. I hooked up my laptop to their TV and we've been going through them; we're almost done with Season 2. I can handle 1-3 episodes a night, but this evening we started out early and watched like 5. It's not even 8pm and I'm ready for a shower and bed. I need to go pull my sheets out of the dryer -- I love crawling in to warm beds! :)

I'm so excited about spending a couple of days in KC. Two weeks from today! It won't come fast enough.

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