LifeWay Interns: Canoe Trip

Four of the LifeWay summer interns (plus a friend) went kayaking today on the Harpeth River west of Nashville. We hit the water around 11am and finished just after 3pm. I made the decision to take the 11-mile route (approx. 4 hours). It was pretty hot, but it was a lot of fun and I managed to stay [mostly] unsunburned.

The scenic Harpeth River. Yeah, it pretty much looks the same for the entire 11 miles we kayaked, but it was really pretty. Definitely felt like Tennessee.

Around noon, we beached our boats and had a picnic lunch. All five of us had brought PB&J.
(from left: Alyssa, Kennan, Jennifer, Megan, Megan's friend)

I wondered if we were going to see any animals along the way. You know: turtles, fish, snakes. I never expected we'd see cows!

The Canoe Music City people dropped us in the river and said "Start going. You'll go under one bridge. Stop there." We were glad to finally see the bridge. After 4 hours, our arms were sore from paddling.

The LifeWay summer interns after we got back to our cars.
(I'm not really that much taller than everyone; we were kind of standing in a ditch.)

Since we were on the water all afternoon, we thought ice cream sounded good. We put "Dairy Queen" into my Garmin, and when we got where it told us to go, we didn't see a DQ. But we did find this place. I guess it's like Baskin Robbins but there's only this one store, and it's in Nashville.
I got a small (one scoop) of Elephant's Ear (PB and choc. chips in vanilla ice cream) in a cup for like $2.70! I wouldn't recommend going here. I could have gone to Kroger next door and bought a half gallon of mint chocolate chip for $2.

It was a fun day! Next Sunday (a week from tomorrow) some of the interns are going to the Nashville Sounds (minor league baseball) game. It's Faith Night, so for $10, LifeWay employees get a reserved seat, a hot dog, and a drink, and get to watch a concert before the game. Can't pass up that deal.


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