peanuts & cracker jacks

Tonight I went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game with four other girls. It was Faith Night; I could get tickets at LifeWay for just $10 and that got us: a reserved seat, a hot dog, and a drink. The hot dog and drink would have been $6! Since it's Sunday, they had "sundaes" (really just ice cream cups) for $1.

Even though the Sounds lost 1-12 to Oklahoma City, it was really fun. Felt like summer. There's another Faith Night on July 9, and Jars of Clay will be playing a concert before the game. I'm planning on going to that with a few other people.

Jennifer, Kennan, and I waiting for the game to start.

Ozzie, the mascot, rockin' out to some music.

Nashville Sounds pitcher doing what he does best.

That's right. A guitar scoreboard. We're in Nashville! What'd you expect?!

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