touring the town

Jessica took me around Nashville; we parked and walked around Hillsboro Village and then drove around Centennial Park. I pulled my camera out to take a picture, and discovered I left
my memory card back at home. So, here are some pictures of what I saw courtesy of Flickr.

---Touring the Town---

Apparently there's a lot to do in Nashville, and people like to let you know about it.

Used Bookstores: BookMan and BookWoman.
We don't know what the difference is... between the stores, I mean.

A dragon mural in Hillsboro Village.

Pancake Pantry - A Nashville Tradition. We'd been walking so we just stopped in to use the bathroom and I ordered a Diet Coke. "Rain or snow or shine, there's always a line." Apparently this place is pretty popular; there is a bookshelf before you walk in so you can read while waiting.

A really cute store called Social Graces -- it was basically a stationery store that also had some cute eclectic items. It'd be a great place to buy gifts, and the owner gave us free cookies.

I think this was my first time seeing magnolia trees, at least that I can remember.

In Centennial Park, there is the Parthenon, an exact replica of the real thing.
Today it was all set up for a wedding.

Fido: a coffee shop where you are allowed to bring your dog inside.


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  1. Looks like you saw a variety of places. Keep posting!


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