29 october

I heard Christmas songs on the radio. First time this season. Though I would argue it's not even the season yet. A local Christian station was playing Christmas music and it made me feel surprisingly cheery.

I got my stove. And it's perfect! It matches my cabinets exactly. Scott from my church helped me which was so great. He also looked over my house and gave me some much appreciated "my dad instinct is kicking in so you might consider..." safety tips.

I watched The Office. So funny! Episodes full of great one-liners are the best. Two favorites: "Looks like someone has a case of the 'definitelys.'" / "I wish Jim would have fallen into the koi pond. Then he'd have to wear my suit. And it would be too short, and he'd look... well, he'd still look good."

I opened a Regions account over my lunch break. Quick and easy. I also contacted HR to get my direct deposit moved and my personal data online changed from "some college" completed to "bachelor's degree."

Cupcakes. Yesterday I got some cupcakes from Jeff that were really cute: little apples. (I'm assuming I have Abbey to thank!) And they weren't just plain cupcakes, they were like apple-y/spiced and tasted like autumn. Then today Jessica brought chocolate cupcakes decorated like spiderwebs. Real cute. And even though I'm not a big fan of cupcakes, I ate and enjoyed them. :)

Coming Up...
Washer/dryer search. Heading to White House tomorrow evening to check out a washer/dryer. I hope it's what I need because it'll save me a lot of money.

Cleaning and yard work.
There's a lot of dust and stuff at my house I'm going to clean up. I also need to rake some leaves and possibly get the yard mowed once. (If I can get a mower.)

House prep.
Put up blinds. Weekend project. I've never done this before but I will probably need a drill. And I've been looking around at blinds ... they aren't cheap! Also shop around for essentials. Might just be shopping for prices and buying later. We'll see.

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