the big day.

I bought a house today!

 Signing the papers. There were a lot; of course I read everything through and asked lots of questions before I signed each one. ;) The final paperwork was approved while I was driving to closing so they couldn't get me the house keys there, but I drove to the seller's real estate agent and picked them up right afterward. 

Title company lady (pictured): "Aren't you excited?!"
Alyssa: "Yeah!" (I give a big smile.)
Tiffany: "She's just quiet." (Pats me on the shoulder) "This is Alyssa excited."
Alyssa: "Yeah, well, I'm
really excited on the inside!"

My new home!
Except all those leaves on that tree are now on the ground.

The first two things I bought yesterday: a tape measure and a rake.


  1. I'm going to call you at 5:30 and see how it all went. Hope you got those utilities turned on!

  2. Please send me a copy of your tax return and I'll get that amended one started...can you say $8,000?

  3. Bah!! You bought a house!! Congrats!!!
    (from Ann)

  4. mad props on the photo to my agent and her cell phone :)


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